Traveling with Babies

I have been a travel nanny for over 12 years and have traveled with babies as young as 8 weeks.  I have traveled most of Europe,  Australia, Caribbeans, Morocco, French Polynesian Islands, China and let’s not forget the good old USA!  Feel free to write if you just want travel tips!

Yes, children change your life but if you have always loved to travel, it doesn’t have to stop.  Why take a travel nanny?  While it is an added expense, the plus size is you can have family time and couple time.  Sure, the great hotels have babysitting options.  But will you be able to relax if you are leaving a young baby in the hands of a local babysitter?  Plus, I understand this is YOUR vacation not ours!  I will do everything within my power to make sure you create wonderful memories.

So, why not Dream Big?!  Take a travel nanny!

Prices based on individual needs.

For more information about traveling with children, visit my website, 

The Traveling Nanny.