Hopefully, by now you are excited about experiencing the personal care offered by Oh, Baby!

The first question you need to ask yourself is how long should you contract a newborn care specialist? I know that finances determine that answer but I do suggest that you choose at least 2 weeks and 3 weeks is even better. We can even discuss longer terms. Now, that’s not because I want a bigger paycheck!

The first two weeks of a newborn’s life is spent eating and sleeping. A baby who gets off to a good routine will sleep and eat better later. If a mom is nursing, this can either be an easy time or frustrating as she learns how to help her baby develop a good latch.

By the end of the second week you are feeling more confident about your skills. Then the third week comes and most babies start to “wake up” and you find the routine needs to be “tweaked” a bit. Having a newborn care specialist there that 3rd week can help you learn how to recognize changes and how to adjust for them.

Zachary, Day 1.

If requesting 19 hour coverage, most parents decide 3 weeks are great but 4 weeks are better! I can accommodate up to 4 weeks but most parents find 3 weeks to be sufficient. Sometimes they will extend with nights only coverage.

Oh, Baby was designed to help parents who are on tight budgets. To keep costs down  but still get the time you desire, I suggest the first week you contract for a 7-10 day week. The second and third weeks you could choose a 5 day week to practice taking care of your baby on the weekends. I am a phone call away if you need me! This will reduce your final cost or save enough for those extra days if you feel you need it. My parents love the confidence they gain during this special alone time!


Traditional Newborn Care

Single birth: $400.00 per day based on 19 hour day (5 hour break) and is a live in position that includes the normal bed and food!

This is a great choice for first time parents as they seek to understand the “whys” of newborn care as well as  the “how to” of newborn care. They also need a little extra care. I have no problem helping with grocery/drugstore runs. I have even helped with a few meals so mom and dad can have more time as a couple with their newborn. This should be your first choice if a C-Section is a possibility as you will need a little extra care.

If only night shift is needed, see below.



Flexible Newborn Care:

Single Births: First 7 or 10 days of 19 hour care (5 hour break):  $400 per day

This is a good choice for parents who have other children.  It allows some time for the mother to get some rest in the first 7 or 10 days. Later, while caring for the other children, she is able to get solid sleep at night.


8 hour Night Shift:  $240 or 10 hour Night Shift only:  $300.00 per night shift

Regardless of which service is selected, every newborn receives excellent care and the parents needs are always considered.



Once we agree we are a good match for each other and you have decided on the amount of time/type of service you want to reserve, I will send you a contract.  It basically states the dates reserved and the total cost of the contract which includes all transportation costs, room/board is agreed to be provided and we even give you a place to include any specific needs you want met.

When the signed contract is returned to me with a nonrefundable deposit, that date is reserved for you. I keep it simple but a contract and deposit is necessary so that I don’t hold a date only to have you tell me at last moment that Aunt Harriet’s 4th cousin wants to do it!