I am proud of the reputation I have established through the years.  I thought this would be a good place to share with you the thoughts of the parents I have had the privilege of serving.

There is no way to put them all but I thought a few quotes would be helpful.

Specific references based on your needs can be given up on requests.

March 10, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

Donna Robinson has helped our young family immeasurably in a number of different roles. We first had Donna as a round-the-clock newborn nanny for our son, later she worked for us on a conventional nanny schedule and we most recently enlisted her help as a travel nanny. She did more than excel. She helped transform us as parents and gave our son Winslow an outstanding childhood foundation.

Donna lived with us for the first three weeks of our son’s life in September of 2016. She combined rigor with love, and set us up with routines and checks that we used today with our now eighteen-month-old son. Can you imagine how difficult a balancing act that is? A newborn, first time parents, twenty-four hours a day. Still, Donna would use the rare free moment to show my wife and me how to best get a bottle ready or how to improve a swaddle. At night, she would both listen to our concerns with warmth. We felt empowered and heard. For a new parent, I can imagine nothing greater. It was a transformative three weeks, and we were sad to see Donna leave.

As luck would have it, we lived in Austin at the time and Donna became a regular nanny for our son. Donna was wonderful in thinking of different activities to help him grow through every developmental stage. She was always helpful around our home: preparing food, keeping up with endless piles of baby laundry and imbuing our every day with humor and kindness. We appreciated how tuned in she was to our son: She sang him songs, helped us to solve problems and was a warm daily presence for nearly seven months until we left Austin in June of 2017.

Donna obviously has an extensive record as a travel nanny. We had Donna as our travel nanny for a trip to friend’s wedding in Michigan last summer. Whether it was navigating a strange AirBNB or helping manage a one year old in an airport, Donna shined. As a veteran traveler, Donna is organized and patient.

Donna Robinson is both a wonderful person and gifted in the craft of raising children. Given her decades of experiences, and her range of experience, we felt lucky to find her. We have nothing but praise for her professionalism, adaptability, and personal commitment to Winslow. If you have any further questions, please do contact me.


Evan McGarvey